Customer Feedback

“I too think the meeting went very well thanks to your facilitation. All I kept thinking during the afternoon is I'm so glad I'm not Sandy. I was exhausted and I was just sitting there listening. I think you did a great job 'drilling down' to the main concepts/elements of folk's, at times, overarching, and often ambiguous statements. If the situation presents itself again, I would utilize your services as well as recommend to others. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

“I think it was extremely important to have hired you.  From my perspective it allowed me to concentrate on participating in discussion instead of trying to record all of the discussion.  It also let me express my views as a participant as opposed to trying to constantly lead the group.  Overall, the group was extremely pleased with the process.  Everyone felt it was worthwhile and I think it exceeded everyone's expectations. You did a good job of keeping the group focused and I especially appreciated your ability to categorize things as ‘resolved’ or ‘require follow up.’”

“Thank you for a very productive and enjoyable workshop.  I left feeling that we had not only reaffirmed our desire to work together more effectively, but also that we had learned important ground rules with which we could begin to tackle some of the issues raised.”

 “I think your presence was the right fit for our audience.  You were very engaged with this group; and worked very hard to follow their conversations and thought processes and patterns.  Your style was critical to their ability leave the day with the summation of their disparate thoughts and some ideas of possible future issues of the day's proceedings.”

 “I want to thank you again for facilitating the Strategic Planning meeting with the Board of Directors last week.  In addition, the assistance that you were able to provide in preparation for this day allowed everyone to engage in a very helpful discussion. … Thank you as well for the summary notes … your skilled facilitation and guidance.  I look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future.”

“Thanks so very much for conducting the retreat for us. We discussed important issues in a controlled environment which allowed us to “drill down” in a way that otherwise would have been difficult. The test is whether or not this session made a difference. Today, two staff members came to tell me that they had worked together in a more constructive way than previously. They thanked me for arranging the retreat – and I thank you. It would not have happened without your willingness to guide us.”

“Sandy- I just want you to know how much I appreciated learning from you on Friday. You are truly the master facilitator, and it am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best. Looking forward to our next session.”